News We're Partnering with DayZ Anarchy!


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Hello everyone!

It's been a bit quiet here as of late, so let's push some updates out!

First and foremost, I know we've had a few requests for a DayZ Overpoch server, and while we ran a trial period for an Epoch server a while ago, I've come to the conclusion that we're simply not in a position to host a game server simply because of resources we don't have. However! That doesn't mean we're gonna give up. Instead of creating an overpoch server ourselves, we have decided to team up with DayZ Anarchy, a DayZ Overpoch community. Instead of our own server, we will be partnering with this community! Our site will host their forums, and we will recognize them as our officially-recommended DayZ Overpoch server.

The DayZ Anarchy forums are now on the site's main page. Around the site, you will start to see people with a new rank: DayZ Anarchy Staff. Their names will appear YELLOW on the site, and they have complete moderation capabilities within the DayZ Anarchy part of the forums. This means they can delete, edit, move, merge, warn, etc., within this section of the site. They will essentially be the ones running that part of the site.

As for the server itself, if you want something along the lines of a newish server looking for good players on both sides of morality, then check this one out!

To connect to the server, download, install, and configure DayZ Launcher and look for a server with a name along the lines of "DayZAnarchy Militarized." Then simply use DayZ Launcher to connect!

Have fun, and if you have any questions about DayZ anarchy, you can post it in one of the DayZ Anarchy sections! :)