Official Rules and Guidelines


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There never really was a post dedicated to rules/guidelines when using the forums and other Vaxoc Gaming services, so we (VG staff) have decided to go ahead and post something more definitive here. Please note, however, that this post is not all-inclusive. In the end, it is at the Vaxoc Gaming Staff's discretion as to when something may be deemed inappropriate, and if so, what course of action should be taken. As always, if you feel a staff member is being abusive, please let a higher authority know as soon as possible.

Before I go into any rules and/or guidelines, I do want to let you know one other thing. We don't like taking disciplinary action. Trust me, we really don't. We just want everyone to get along and be happy socializing - that's what this site is all about! :) Though it is, unfortunately, sometimes necessary.

What rules need to be followed on Vaxoc Gaming services?
  • Absolutely no usage of racial slurs or other derogatory terms.
  • Excessive profanity is prohibited. Whether or not something counts as excessive is at the discretion of staff.
  • Please do not post spam. Essentially, these are posts that don't contribute to the topic at hand.
  • Unless posting in a forum that is made specifically for this purpose, please do not advertise other services, websites, etc. It's alright to post a link if it contributes to the topic at hand, but pure advertisement is not allowed in non-designated forums.
  • "Adult-only" content is prohibited. Hopefully you are able to tell what is considered "adult-only" content.
  • Please be courteous and treat other community members with respect. We're all friends here, right? :)
What happens if these rules are broken?
Ugh, the part nobody likes... Well, first and foremost, if these rules are broken, it is up to the Vaxoc Gaming staff team to decide whether or not, and if so, what action should be taken. Because of this, I can't write something that will apply to every situation, as we do things on a case-by-case basis. But, here is the general process that usually happens.
  • Usually, a staff member will warn the offender, whether it be informally (posting a reply warning them, PM him, etc.) or formally (using the warning system).
  • If the warning system is used, a certain amount of warning points will be placed on the offender's account for a certain amount of time (dependent on infraction).
  • If the offender's account had accumulated enough active warning points, then it's possible that the forum will automatically place a restriction on the account. Possible restrictions include discouragement (the forum experience is reduced, and the forum purposely makes itself throw errors, be slow to respond, etc.), temporary ban, and eventually permanent ban.
  • It's also possible that the offender could be banned from replying to that specific thread.

What should I do if I have found someone that is breaking these rules?
If you find a user that is breaking these rules and would like to bring it to staff attention, you can click the "Report" button on the post. This will flag the post and bring it to staff attention.

Again, we really don't like taking action against users, though it sometimes is necessary.

Let's hope we all have a great time! :D

Also, any staff members: feel free to reply to this with anything I may have missed or clarifications you would like to make.