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-VenomousBeing (AKA Todd) "You fucking n****** play like pussy farts". -Random Dota 2 guy after multiple uses of that phrase "This guy says pussy fart like smurfs say smurf".


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After roasting @Hexic
Me: "I think I have completely cooked your ass to a perfect 450 degrees. I roasted your ass to the white meat."
@Hexic: "At least my hair don't look like two crusty dusty buttcheeks."
me: "True, but your face does. I can fix my hair but you cant fix your face. Crunchy peanut butter head ass. You remind me of Dory's dad. They managed to give a fish a receding hairline just like yours."


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"You know... you could just walk up to someone with a shotgun... and just shoot them in the stomach... and they'd die." - Caprisun555