Quake Champions not your "Modern" Day Shooter


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Most of you already have realized that Quake Champions is not like "Call of Duty" or "Fortnite" etc.

This is as close to old school as we probably are going to get with a little bit of modern added to it.

Don't expect to walk into Quake Champions or really ANY quake online game and EXPECT to be good at this game. Whenever it comes to quake people are very hardcore and take it seriously but if you are willing to learn and put the time in you will see results.

With that being said here is a small list I'm going to randomly through together.

  1. Don't Give Up Don't be Discouraged. - Really this can be said about any game, more so for quake kills don't really COME *easy* at first.
  2. Practice Movement - Movement is extremely important in quake, You need to move fast with each character to help teammates or
  3. Powerups - Controlling powerups is a HUGE part of quake. Grabbing Quad, Controlling the Heavy Armor and Mega health even Smaller Armors is important, it gives you the edge when fighting. Most power-ups are on a 30 second cooldown.
  4. Don't Fight Every Fight - Just because you see someone across the map doesn't mean you should go directly into battle... FOR SURE not without a WEAPON. Do not engage with a start weapon!!!
  5. Rockets, Railgun, and Lightning Gun - These are the 3 weapons you need to try to carry with you. Rockets for mid-range and close battles. Lightning Gun for melting and railgun for range.
  6. Do not Chase the Railgun - If you are playing an experienced player and they have a railgun, for the love of the good lord above. Do not Try to Walk a straight line and fight them. You will get railed every time, and you will die. Plain and simple just do not DO IT.
  7. Practice - This should go without saying, but you need to practice a lot of quake players have played non-stop. I myself have gotten very discouraged with this game at first. Now after grinding the game and putting time and effort into it I don't get down, I just try to have fun and improve each game.