Popcorn Storytime!


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Greetings, Vaxocians!

To further enhance the activity of this community, I have decided we shall commence with a game of Popcorn. Essentially, we will take turns writing a huge story. The rules are as follows:
  1. You can only post one sentence, which has to lead into another potential sentence.
  2. You cannot post twice in a row. Refrain from making an addition every other post as well, if that can be helped.
  3. Absolutely NO R-rated material, for example: Excessive swear words, pornographic content, or anything that is meant to insult and/or defame any individual or group of individuals. Cyber-bullying will NOT be tolerated. I cannot stress this enough. Keep it, at most, PG-13, people!
  4. There must be some relevance to each new post. Your options are limitless, but you should not follow a well-written sentence with something completely irrelevant.
  5. Do not post something which completely throws someone's previous post under the rug or negatively relates to another poster's share. This will be written by the entire community, there is no need at all to dominate the topic. That is what Notepad is for, or a small journal.
  6. Be creative! I have faith in this community, this should be no issue.
This should be a positive experience for the community, not the opposite. If, God forbid, this turns into a massive flame war, the consequences are waiting at your door.

Have fun with this, everyone! Let's see where this goes:

"Once upon a time, on a bright and clear morning, there was a man."

Again, Have fun!