Legends of Aria


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Finally, A Spiritual Successor to Ultima Online.

What's Up guys its Smango here. Today I want to introduce you to an Early Access game.

Yes, I know...

But... that aside this game has some great potential.

If you enjoy Grinding out Skills in an MMORPG as much as I do... then this game is going to be right up your alley.

The only other game I really can think of that is "Skilling" heavy or Skill-based MMORPG has always been Runescape.

There are a few others out there Albion Online (Which is PVP focused) is another game.


Legends of Aria is not Free to Play. It does require you to purchase the game.

Currently, it is 29.99 for Early Access and this will eventually grant you access to the game on Steam. So you can add it to your steam library.

This is my referral code link here drop me a message on here or discord if you decide to play!