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Vaxoc Gaming has Partnered with KNG Destiny 2 clan.

Destiny 2 PC Clan
There are what some people would call “perks” to being the first google result whenever you search Destiny 2 PC Clan.

This is basically what has got the Discord kickstarted.

Destiny 2 Recruitment Post

Extremely Active
We have one of the most active Destiny 2 Clans on the US side.

Plenty of great leaders willing to teach newer players how to raid and what not.

So whats stopping you? Join up in Discord now and see how you can join.

  1. Treat others with respect. If someone isn’t doing something right, don’t get mad, try and work with them to improve.
  2. Registration on Guilded and Discord is required before acceptance to the clan. Activity is currently judged by the Speaker and the Consensus. We monitor the discord and the guilded. We will contact people we feel are not participating (if we can) to find out why. This is to attempt to avoid people leaching off of the clan engram
    1. Power Level 325 is required to be admitted into the clan on This ensures dedication and that you have the latest DLC. We are more than happy to help you get up there if you need it.
  3. 2 Weeks of no milestones completed will get you kicked from the clan. Initially, this may seem harsh. Let me put this into perspective. Play 6 games of the crucible in a week. Do 3 heroic strikes. If you get in a raid with us, that’s 30 minutes of your time to complete a milestone. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you, let us know and we will be willing to make exceptions.
  4. Noob shaming does nothing but create hostility and make sure people won’t want to play with you. This is important enough to mention twice if someone isn’t doing well, help them improve. The worst thing you can do to someone is tell them that they are bad, they’ve always been bad, and always will be bad.
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