Favorite Animal?


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Hello, all!

I know this is cheesy, but comment below your favorite kind of animal and why that is so.

My favorite animal is the platypus, one reason being Phineas and Ferb's pet Perry the Platypus, Agent P to some, who defeats the ultimate doctor who was named after ketchup.

For reasons other than the cartoon platypus, the platypus is actually a quite fascinating animal. It has many characteristics of many different animals, and it is one of the only two mammals who lay eggs (with the echidna being the second).

Fun fact: Someone sent a platypus to some scientists, and they thought it was a complete joke, like someone had sewn many different animals together. Way to be believers, scientists!

I'll be excited to hear your opinions!


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Hmmmmm, I bet no one here can guess what mine is.

Serious though, koalas aren't my favorite animals, I got this username because out of the list of usernames you could pick back in 2006 when Yahoo Kids was a thing, I usually chose Koala (or Happy, which is where you get happykoala4 from in my old usernames)