News April 2017 Update!


Staff member
Hello there!

Let me take a minute to give you guys a quick update on what's going on! You might have noticed a slight uptick in activity around the website, Steam page, etc. I, along with other staff, have been working behind the scenes to fine-tune, clean up, and organize stuff to make the community experience that much better!

Also, you might notice there is a lack of recent posting on the forums lately. Well...a problem was discovered recently and pointed out to us (thanks, @RealKYNerd!) which prevented people from posting anything at all on the forums. The problem turned out to be a misconfiguration caused by an automated task on the server, but has been fixed!

Last thing: while there haven't been many official announcements made lately, I can tell you that there are very active discussions going on behind the scenes. I can't quite reveal what is being said, as some are ideas, and some are likely to be revealed soon, but I can tell you we haven't forgotten you guys!

Stay tuned! ;)