AMD Ryzen 2700x


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I've been a fan of AMD in the past until I had video card after video card fail me over and over. (ATI was awesome back in the day before AMD bought them)

I finally decided to sell my soul to the metaphorical CPU and GPU devil. Giving Intel and Nvidia my $$ for a higher price.

Intel processors I feel are just too expensive and I've never felt great about buying one for some reason. Nvidia though has been blessing. Every Nvidia card I've ever bought has performed very well and I've always been left satisfied. Satisfied like I made the right choice.

AMD CPUS have always been great though so I figured since I've been struggling to keep a solid 144 FPS on some games it was time to try it agian. With the 2700x being called the best gaming CPU of 2018 I figured why not.

I'll update below whenever I finally get my build together and get a few months of gaming on the new rig.

Let me know how you feel below? You ever been burnt by buying PC hardware? All those awesome DOAs? Let's hear it.


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I agree 100% that it's nice to see Ryzen bringing AMD back as a viable option for gamers and power users, though I think saying AMD CPUs have always been great might be an overstatement. I mean, they certainly were when 64 bit was still a newer adoption, they were on top of the mountain for a while there and I ran an AMD build myself for years. But they started to fall behind, and Intel processors began to cost more for a reason: they were starting to leave AMD in the dust when it came to effective performance. I'd say that's really why we saw Intel easily take the market for quite some time.

It's great to see Ryzen levelling the playing field once again though, having two viable options instead of one is always great for the consumers and their wallets, so it'll be interesting to see this continue to play out!

I won't be rebuilding any time soon, but if I were to right now, I'd probably go with the 2700X myself. I'm curious to see what the market will look like when I do rebuild, I like it a lot more when both companies are neck and neck rather than one having a monopoly, forces innovation and lower prices!