1,000 Apex Coins


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You can earn 1,000 Apex coin kind of free if you subscribe to the Origin Access Premiere account.

I found this out the other day after being intrigued to try a few more other games since Apex's Launched.

If you are planning on dishing out almost $10 for 1,000 apex coins anyways you might as well spend $15 on EA Premiere and get access to all of EA games for an extra $5.

It has been well worth it to try out all the games, and even then you can buy coins with a discount afterward.

#Apex募集 http://www.origin.com/store/origin-access/refer-a-friend/redeem/RkxwWDdlVT0jTSMxMDAwMDAwOTk1NzE4 … @PlayApex #EAOrigin