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  1. Koala

    Elite Dangerous 1.2 Update Preview PCGamer goes into detail as to what the next update will contain, and from what I've read I can't wait for it! It'll hit beta in the first week of March, and I can't wait to make wings with the Elite crew of VG B)
  2. Koala

    Elite: Dangerous Release Date: Dec. 16, 2014 Hey everyone. This was announced a while back but I never saw it posted here, so I figured I would post it. Elite: Dangerous is a game I've been following for a long time, and @iTechRemix...
  3. Koala

    Kik Thread

    Ayyy. Over at Friends+ we use kik (If you live under 6 rocks and don't know what kik is, it's basically an IM app and you need it) to talk to each other. It helps a lot especially because right now I don't have access to my PC and won't for a long time. We have a group conversation, but it's...
  4. Koala

    Official New VG-Produced Video! Server Drama: A Tale of Server Administration

    Hello friends, You might remember the last VG production that iTechRemix made (I would link it here but apparently the site automatically embeds the video, sorry) detailing exactly what 'Sun Empire productivity' means. Well, this time it was I that produced this short film. It details the drama...
  5. Koala

    can i hs admin ploxxxxxxx

    pols? edit: i hav admin thx noch