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  1. brodyx50

    Layers of Fear for Free (6/13/18)

    Layers of Fear is free today only.
  2. brodyx50

    So, when do I get that admin?

    So, when do I get that admin?
  3. brodyx50

    Brand New PC<3

    Looks pretty cool! I was wondering you on why you have two keyboards. I also have the Poseidon Z c; My favorite part right here.
  4. brodyx50 Who are you betting on? Who are you betting on?
  5. brodyx50


    I bought all my parts from Newegg :)
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    What's your opinion on pre-ordering?

    I never pre-ordered a game because when I pay for something I want it instantly. ;)
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    VMC MC Name Changes Coming Feb 4th - Does It Affect VMC?

    37 is an odd number xD
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    H1Z1, Dying Light, and Survive The Nights

    H1Z1: Releases on January 15th. Offering a total sandbox experience, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world. Dying Light: Releases on the 27th. Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game...
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    Quote Thread

    I love this and I now have major hearing problems c;
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    VMC The Road to 1.8

    Took you long enough c;
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  12. brodyx50

    Quote Thread

    I'm hurt Captain. I'm so hurt. In fact, my jimmies are rustled.
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    Win a Don't Starve Together Key!

    Well, I drew it.
  14. brodyx50

    Win a Don't Starve Together Key!

    Oh lol I accidentally clicked it.
  15. brodyx50

    Win a Don't Starve Together Key!

    Hey Guys! I got a Don't Starve Together key and I want to give it away! Just click on that link above this text and start filling it out! I only have one key sadly. Send me some and I'll be glad to add it to the campaign!