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  1. Hexic

    Official Map Change and Server Status

    Server is back up
  2. Hexic

    Official Map Change and Server Status

    Currently the server is down because the newest Arma 3 update has prevented NFO Server's systems from working properly so once BI pushes an update to fix this the server will be down. Also, the server will be changing maps when the server comes back on to Chernarus Redux since Chernarus 2035 is...
  3. Hexic

    Official Vaxoc Modpack Release

    I have recently released the 2nd version of the modpack @iTechRemix, @Caprisun555, and myself (@Hexic) have been working on if you have any comments or concerns regarding improvements or tweaks to the pack please let us know in a comment on the discord in the Minecraft text chat...
  4. Hexic

    Official Quick Update

    Hey guys as of recent we have started working on two more projects for the community to help get some more growth since the arma server has does more than we thought for growth. One project as seen on the group steam page is we are working on creating a csgo team to compete in tournaments to get...
  5. Hexic

    Base rent.

    i cant change that its just exile doing that there are no grace periods for a mod i can only do so much with a mod
  6. Hexic

    Base spawning

    you need a lvl 4 or higher base and then after 5 mins of joining the server or last base spawn you get an option in the spawn menu
  7. Hexic

    Joined community but i can't pick spawn point

    You need to add arma uid follow instructions that were posted for how to do that
  8. Hexic

    Blackfish still blows up. Lost 100k 3rd time...

    its now fixed for good
  9. Hexic

    Could we lower the AI skill a bit?

    Best name award goes to this guy right here
  10. Hexic

    Couple of things

    I've lowered the restart times to 4 hrs If you can keep track of what missions don't work and which zcp missions don't work I can remove them Rappel is removed because I got tired of the bugginess And jump means that I need to update it
  11. Hexic

    JSRS sound mod broken?

    i moved them to optional mods so you might have to check that they are loaded
  12. Hexic

    Server Adds and Fixes

    Ya extension cords are just for people like me that get tired of running simulator lol
  13. Hexic

    Server Adds and Fixes

    Knifes spawn in Military areas
  14. Hexic

    Trees at Airfield

    I'll see what I can do
  15. Hexic

    Server Adds and Fixes

    I think you are the first person to ask for less loot but yes I've been meaning to do that
  16. Hexic

    Server Adds and Fixes

    interesting ill have to test to see what fuel trucks work
  17. Hexic

    Server Adds and Fixes

    Readds: 1. Hunting knifes: Thought this was in but just now fixed it 2. Zipties: I didn't think anyone actually used these but have been readded 3. Fuel trucks: There are still fuel trucks you just have to buy them Fixes: 1. Base respawns: This should be fixed by the end of the week 2...
  18. Hexic

    Hey Hex, I'd like my 100k tabs back please.

    I believe you just got arma'd, and there isnt a way for me to restore old ones.
  19. Hexic

    Addon issue

    This should be fixed now if not just make sure you chernarus 2035 mod is updated
  20. Hexic

    Hey Hex, I'd like my 100k tabs back please.

    Should be adjusted now and hopefully trader is fixed as well I'd test with something a little cheaper first