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    Full Tech Episode 18: A Whollota Bitcoin Battle Royale

    Bitcoin Battle Royale do what? Raised from the creeks of Eastern Kentucky in the swamp and mudlands of Magoffin County. These individuals bring you the latest insights from gaming and tech. Host Smango and Co-Host Sgt. Risner from Topics: Wait no Man’s Sky still Exist –...
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    Podcast Topics for Full Tech

    Got topics you want us to talk about? List them below. You can also tweet @realkynerd
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    Discover Some Music Thread

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    Quake Champions FREE Until June 18th!

    Always looking for Quake Champion Broz
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    For Honor FREE on UPlay

    I need some For Honor!
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    From Jumpman to Mario

    A lot like other people, Super Mario Bros. was the first video game I had ever played. It is really one of the simplest games, yet so complex at the same time. There are still people trying to master Super Mario Bros. on the NES today, with Speed Runs, going through the levels and not collecting...
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    Win's First Steam key giveaway

    Enter now!
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    Vaxoc Gaming and Random Steam key give away!

    This is a free key brought to you by VG and KN! First come first serve! Add this game to your steam library today. Please drop us a friendly thank you when you do! K2G29-DX2BM-XQNFQ
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    Quake Champions not your "Modern" Day Shooter

    Most of you already have realized that Quake Champions is not like "Call of Duty" or "Fortnite" etc. This is as close to old school as we probably are going to get with a little bit of modern added to it. Don't expect to walk into Quake Champions or really ANY quake online game and EXPECT to...
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    Quote Thread

    You should never talk about another mans Resolution Size.
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    Quake Champions

    While Quake Champions still hasn't fully released. It will be soon. Bethesda doesn't seem to be slowing down with the game. 2v2 Ranked will be the eSports game type for sure. It is extremely fun and requires tremendous teamwork. I highly suggest picking this game up on steam whenever you...
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    Archived The KN Podcast Network Thread

    KN Full Tech Reviews the Top 300 games that Game Informer released! 300-199 Episode #9 - Smango Starts his review of the top 300 games from the 300th Issues of Game Informer. 198-100 Episode #10 - Smango Picks up from where he left off episode #9 and talks about the games that Game Informer...
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's on The 1,2, and III [Retro Review]

    Huge retro gamer here guys. Figured I would do a small review of each game of the turtles on NES. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles This game was pretty good but very difficult. It felt more like an action game and had extremely weird characters in it. Back in the day of growing up, if you could...
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    Raining Coins Review has a steam curator and was gifted a game recently. Raining Coins To sum it up you are a sad little girl that wants a trampoline she can't afford in a store (Level 1) You catch coins into a piggy bank If you are looking for a simple and fun family game to play. I would...
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    Quote Thread

    Electricity is really just organized lightning.
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    News March 2018 Update Summary

    I know I'm awesome.
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    Archived The KN Podcast Network Thread

    KN Full Tech Podcast #6 - iTunes, Google Play
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    Archived The KN Podcast Network Thread

    Instead of making a new thread every time we release a podcast I will just edit this these posts and reply with the latest
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    Hellbound Survival (Closed Beta)

    I was contacted recently on Twitter from one of the developers from Saibot on one of there latest titles. Hellbound Survival. They contacted me because I do play lots of Quake Champions and constantly posting about it on twitter looking for groups. Anyways a pretty good game for an indie...