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    Server locked for a few days

    Thank you for letting us know! This should be fixed now.
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    Solved CUP Terrains - Core, has been updated

    Server should now be updated for everyone! :)
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    AMD Ryzen 2700x

    I agree 100% that it's nice to see Ryzen bringing AMD back as a viable option for gamers and power users, though I think saying AMD CPUs have always been great might be an overstatement. I mean, they certainly were when 64 bit was still a newer adoption, they were on top of the mountain for a...
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    Official Welcome to the Vaxoc Gaming Arma 3 Exile Server Forums

    If you cut logs from trees (using an axe), and you double-click on the logs in your inventory (you need at least 4 for a workbench), you should have a tab that says Recipes. Click that, scroll all the way down, and you should have a "Craft Workbench" option. Is that working for you?
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    For Honor FREE on UPlay

    Hey there! Another free game! For Honor: Starter Edition is free on UPlay! Simply launch UPlay, click the banner and click OK to keep it! Have fun! :)
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    Quake Champions FREE Until June 18th!

    Hey there! Just wanted to let you all know that Quake Champions is now FREE on Steam until June 18th! Go ahead and grab it at the link below! Note: account is required to play Have fun!
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    Base Missing?

    I made changes so that hopefully it will be restored on next restart, sorry about that!
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    Official New Exile Moderator: CodMurr!

    Hello there! We are happy to announce that @CodMurr will be joining the Exile server moderation team! You'll probably see him in game as Murray, so if you need help in game, feel free to ask! Thank you to everyone for their continued support, we hope to see you in game!
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    Hi, from Dizzy and BusyDarkhorse!

    Hey there! Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time, and of course let us know if there is anything we can do for you! :)
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    Server offline?

    Hey @tahm ! There was an update today and we're working on updating the server. We hope to have it up soon, we'll post here when it's up!
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    New Guy CodMurr/Murray

    Glad that you're enjoying the server! We'll do our best to keep it up! :)
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    Official Vaxoc Gaming Partnering with KentuckyNerd

    Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that we are officially partnering with KentuckyNerd in order to bring more opportunities to both of our communities! Through this partnership, we will be hosting the official forums for KN, while they will be providing our official clans for Destiny...
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    Exile server is ready to go!

    Exile server is ready to go!
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    News March 2018 Update Summary

    Hello! I know it's been a while since I've said anything publicly, so I thought I'd go ahead and give a bit of a recap of what's been going on behind the scenes recently! Most of the work we've done has been for the Arma 3: Exile server, which was previously announced here on the website. We've...