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    Server locked for a few days

    thank you for bringing this to my attention i have fixed the server being locked so it should be up and running. however which discord link is invalid? @Hippieman
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    Official Map Change and Server Status

    Server is back and ready for action (sorry for taking so long on getting it back and running) also i had to wipe the server
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    Top Squad of the Week Challenge Signup

    1. Make an account on the forums 2. Post your game info in the Origin Accounts thread 3. You can either make a squad or be put into a squad 4. Check this Google Spreadsheet for squads
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    Having Origin Issues?

    1. Close Apex Legends 2. Log out and close Origin app 3. Log out of Origin's website 4. Log into Origin's website 5. Open and log into Origin app 6. Repair Apex Legends files 7. Enjoy
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    Origin Accounts

    Origin: ttvHexic_TV Main: Bangalore Region: NA Platform: PC
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    Potential Servers in the Future

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to start a thread to see what everyone's opinion on some servers ya'll are interested in, and what servers ya'll think would attract more people to this gaming community. My thoughts are Arma Exile (Current), Arma (wasteland, KOTH, milsim missions, etc.), Minecraft, and...
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    Any good sites where I can get cheap game keys for Origin games?

    Dont use g2a cause now they have an inactivity fee use humble bundle They have great deals there
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    Happy Holidays

    I hope everyone enjoys there holiday and enjoys some tasty food
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    Lego Hobbit Free on Humble Bundle
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    Possible upgrade

    Any thoughts or suggestions on these parts
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    Official Map Change and Server Status

    Server is back up
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    Official Map Change and Server Status

    Currently the server is down because the newest Arma 3 update has prevented NFO Server's systems from working properly so once BI pushes an update to fix this the server will be down. Also, the server will be changing maps when the server comes back on to Chernarus Redux since Chernarus 2035 is...
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    Official Vaxoc Modpack Release

    I have recently released the 2nd version of the modpack @iTechRemix, @Caprisun555, and myself (@Hexic) have been working on if you have any comments or concerns regarding improvements or tweaks to the pack please let us know in a comment on the discord in the Minecraft text chat...
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    Official Quick Update

    Hey guys as of recent we have started working on two more projects for the community to help get some more growth since the arma server has does more than we thought for growth. One project as seen on the group steam page is we are working on creating a csgo team to compete in tournaments to get...